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Today, Specs is world's leading provider of compound management and handling services besides being a main supplier of screening compounds and building blocks to the Life Science industry. Our chemically diverse in-house collection, consisting of single synthesized, well-characterized and drug-like small molecules, has been built through global acquisition programs utilizing a network of more than 2,000 academic sources worldwide. This 20 years of compound handling experience is now also offered to our customers for managing their (historical) compound collections. In addition to providing compound handling services and high quality compounds Specs offers a wide range of services such as: cheminformatics custom synthesis contract research compound sourcing These global activities are managed from the headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands, supported by regional offices and representatives in North America, Japan, India and China

Search and inquire directly available Screening compounds, Building Blocks and Natural Products via the chemistry search engine our website after login.

Contacter: Specs
Country: Netherlands
Telephone: +31 15 251 8111
Fax: +31 15 251 8181
ADDrss: Kluyverweg 6
Post Code: 2629 HT
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